What’s the Big Deal about Zero Gravity Bed

In zero gravity bed you will sleep like never before, accompanied by great music thanks to the two speakers that it integrates in the upper part and of a lifting system with which it will seem that you float in the air. The Rize adjustable bed offers a full range of movements, so you have the freedom to sleep and relax to your liking. It has a massage function, head tilt and exclusive lounge function that will allow you to cuddle up with a book or watch a movie from the comfort of your bed.

Because sometimes, the couch simply is not enough. The movable zero gravity bed bases allow you to adjust it to a position to sleep with zero gravity. Lower your legs to obtain a reclined sitting position.  Adjusts the upper part of the body so that it adapts perfectly giving support and comfort. It has 3 wave configurations programmed to relax the whole body, different settings and automatic shutdown timer.

Allows you to adjust zero gravity bed without touching the wall or furniture.  LED night lighting under the bed: Get out of bed safely with the night light function under the bed. Wireless hand control: Includes a function to put the bed straight automatically by pressing a single button.