Unique Kitchen Drawer Slides

Kitchen drawer slides are the slide doors that use for the kitchen drawer. This kind of door is usually used as the door for the traditional Japanese houses. And now, it becomes popular to use for many things including the drawer doors. Many people are preferred to use this kind of door since they will not hear a loud sound when the doors suddenly closed. That kind of case happened many times in regular doors anyway. And it’s also easier to open.

Normal Design of Kitchen Drawer Slides

The normal design for this kind of door is a plain design with wooden style or regular glass. You can see this kind of design from the original material of the door. Usually, the materials that were used are wood and glass. Those two materials are commonly used for much furniture in the kitchen.

Unique Design for the Slide Doors

The unique design is a popular design nowadays. People are trying to create their own style of design. In case of the door drawers, you can try to paint the door with your own style of painting. You can even create a picture from the paint on the door. It’ll make the door looks cool. This unique design is rarely used and not many artists are creating the unique design for slide doors. You can actually make one and make it different.

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