Unique Apothecary Dresser in Home

The apothecary dresser are not only designed to store. There are, as in photography, they do it in a sophisticate way. And why not, even a bit eccentric, to make your design a tribute to the most cosmopolitan essence. It is about playing, like puzzle pieces, with the rectilinear shapes that we normally associate with the design of a sideboard. By superimposing them one on top of the other, this time distributed along three compartments.

The result? A piece of apothecary dresser furniture with 3D surface. That gives it that sophisticated and original air we talked about. And although the design itself already seems a marvel. We can not overlook the detail of the horizontal mirror that has been placed on it. And that accentuates that partition of the geometric lines.

The narrow walls are those dead spaces that we find difficult to find useful. However they can become the best scenario to place an apothecary dresser. The design of the image brings out the best of the lines and simple forms, to which the glamour of electric blue on a lacquered surface adds. A piece of furniture that perfectly can be part of a decoration of retro air, as well as the most avant-garde. It’s all about knowing how to combine.