Plastic Rug in a Stylish House

Every time we see more carpets in the decoration magazines … and less in the houses! There is no doubt that this decorative accessory provides unbeatable warmth. But the maintenance and cleaning of the carpets does not match the intense pace of life we ​​have. To solve this, and especially for those who have pets at home, plastic rug can be a brilliant solution. Nordic style, with geometric patterns, imitating the classic Persian carpets, or even the biggest novelty: carpets that imitate the hydraulic tiles.

Pappelina is a Swedish company that manufactures plastic rug, one of the pioneers. The designs are simple, with simple but impressive elements that will give a different dimension to the decoration of any room. This family company from Sweden manufactures a wide range of timeless carpets of the most diverse materials, among which are its famous reversible plastic mats.

That’s right, a carpet that besides being practical to clean because it’s made of plastic, you can also change colors whenever you want, just by turning it over. As you have seen, until now all the plastic rug were of Nordic and geometric design, however, you can also find the classic Persian rugs reinvented in plastic in other online decoration stores.