Luxurious Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod Effect

Ceiling mount curtain rod – Decorating the room is indeed a fun activity. Because you can choose a theme that you like in the room. Not a few people want their house to have a decoration that looks luxurious but does not have enough budget. Now you can give the impression of luxury in your room without spending a large budget.

You can use the black ceiling mount curtain rod and white curtains. Using these two color combinations makes the room look classy. You can also use black curtains with white curtain rods. To provide more privacy for space. Using the ring on the curtain can make it easier to open and close the curtain. In addition to this, using the ring on the curtain will add aesthetic folds to the curtain, so the curtain looks more beautiful.

Create high-ceiling optical illusions by hanging curtains as close as possible to the ceiling. This will have a dramatic effect that changes the impression of your room. Extend your ceiling mounted curtain rod by 10-15 cm, this aims to make your window look wider. And note the end of the curtain not to touch the surface of the floor. Make sure to have a space of about two to five cm between the curtain and the floor surface.