Ideas to Decorate Behind the Couch Table

Behind the couch table – Long rectangular tables, which can be almost 7 feet long and as little as 1 foot deep have been decorating staples for decades. They were originally designed to hide or cover the back of a sofa when it was traditional until you finished the back of an upholstered sofa. These days, however, they add dimension to a room and give storage and shelving options.

Decorating behind the couch table can show your creativity. They lend themselves to screens of art objects, small photographs or illustrations. Place the sofa so it is floating in the room, and not against a wall, or at least the width of the sofa table on the wall. Position your sofa table behind your sofa, either flush with the wall or flush against the back of the sofa.

Decorate with small, short-lasting and group ornaments or gather to make an interesting cluster of color or design. This is a good strategy if your sofa is fluffy and makes people sit and relax, in which case you may not want very high, high ornaments placed on the behind the couch table. People can lean back and flip them over. For this type of sofa, shells mixed with small vases or glass ornaments look good as do the miniature easels with miniature framed artwork.