Ideas for Restore Antique Dressers Laminate

Laminated antique dressers are made of wood and have a layer of laminate varnish over natural wood. Sometimes, the laminate is covering a painted wood. Laminate, over time, may appear dull or yellow, detract from the value and beauty of an old dresser. There is no easy way to restore an old laminated dresser and bring it back to its natural state and beautiful state.

Ideas for restore antique dressers laminate, work in a well ventilated area. Outdoors is ideal, time allows. Remove the drawers and unscrew any hardware and knobs. Place the drawers on a large canvas. Put on vinyl or latex gloves and a safety mask. With a clean paint brush. Use 220 grit sandpaper and sand from the front of the dresser drawers. Be sure to sand the entire section where there is old laminate. Sand beach front drawer dresser and wipe the dust. The drawers must have a matte finish. This means that the laminate is removed correctly.

Take a sander machine and sand the dresser on the top and sides, as long as there are remaining of old laminate. Do not over sand; just do enough to remove the laminate and dull the surface of the antique dressers laminate. Take the brush and remove the dust. Recluse chips of any surface in place. Apply a laminated bond primer with a brush on the sanded surface in the dresser drawers and the remaining sanded areas of the dresser. Allow the primer to dry. Paint the drawers and dresser with a clear acrylic laminate or a color paint of your choice. For a satin finish, use semi gloss latex enamel or satin paint.