Ideas for Girls Loft Beds

Girls Loft Beds – Loft beds work well in a teen’s room for several reasons. First, teens love sleeping up high, and secondly, they love the cool look a loft gives their room. Loft beds are handy, too, since they free up floor space by increasing the sleeping surface close to the ceiling. But you have to decide what to do with all that extra room. You have many options, including the creation of a reading nook, gamers’ lounge, extra closet space and more.

Clothes closet; if your daughter is a fashionista with more clothes than closet space, you can turn the space under the girls loft beds in a closet. Arrange rolling racks in the room, or hang robust rods for clothes. Cover the walls with a series of hooks to hang scarves, belts and wallets. If there is room, tuck a small dresser as well. Because the closets tend to get messy, hide clutter by hanging a beautiful curtain around outside in a fabric that matches her room.

Guest Room; if your daughter has tons of friends to sleep, place a twin mattress or futon in your girls loft beds. Set it to coordinate with her existing beds and bedroom decor. Add a bedside table, lamp and an alarm clock, and you’re good to go for guests to give your daughter an extra sleeping option as well.