How to Redo Antique Grey Dresser

Antique grey dresser – Nothing can improve the appearance of a house quite like a vintage dresser. The problem with antique furniture, however, is that over time scratch history is collected that ruins the finish. A very scratched dresser is an eyesore. Instead of putting with it, you can make the dresser again by removing the old paint and applying a new stain. If the hardware is used, it can be replaced at this time to improve the comfortable appearance.

Remove the screws from the dresser hinges if the cabinet has doors and remove the doors from the unit. Pull the antique grey dresser drawers. Remove all hardware from the drawers and the door with a screwdriver. Apply a denatured alcohol to the surface of the dresser to test the finish. If the finish is removed, it is a shellac. And if it is partially, it is a polyurethane stain. If it does not come off at all, it’s an oil stain. Use this information to find the correct chemical remover for finishing your dresser.

Rub the stain remover on the surface of the antique grey dresser using a cloth. Scrape the finish of the comfortable surface using a paint scraper. Use a piece of 220-grit sandpaper to remove stains from hard-to-reach corners. Fill the large dents in the wood putty chest and let the putty dry for 24 hours. Sand the wood putty and remove the dust with a clean cloth.