How to Build a Twin Loft Bed with Desk

By combining a twin loft bed with desk, you can open the floor space in your child’s room. It also creates the psychological benefit of defining a workspace where your child will do homework. This may help your child focus during study time. These instructions are for a twin loft bed with desk using inexpensive materials, but sizes are set and replace wood for larger or more attractive projects.

Place the two beams of 75 inches and the two beams of 36 inches in a rectangle, resting on its narrow sides. Setting up the rectangle beams which are shorter in the interior. Connect the rectangle with two wood screws at each joint. Insert screws through the side of the beam and the long end of the shorter beam.  Place the larger piece of wood to the frame with a wood screw in each corner plywood.

Slide the twin loft bed with desk in position. Place the double mattress in the loft frame. Some people find it easier to put the fitted sheet on the mattress before placing. Slide the desk in between posts on a short end of the bed. Should fit directly below stabilization planks, forming a storage area.