Get a Pottery Barn Loft Bed for Less

Pottery barn loft bed – Whether your style is Mediterranean, cottage, beach or coastal life or American classic, Pottery Barn has furniture and accessories you need. If you like comfortable, easy-living fashion Pottery Barn, but pays less than full price, find some other ways to achieve the same beautiful look for less. Go through the Pottery Barn catalog to find individual items or entire rooms to duplicate.

Match the wall painting found in the catalog photos. Sometimes the paint manufacturer and the name of the specific color are listed on the page. If not, bring the catalog to your paint or home improvement store and ask the local professional to help match the color.

Shop your local stores for pottery barn loft bed furniture and stores pieces of similar style and comparable to fabric found in the catalog. The same goes for window treatments and decorative cushions. The purchase of an item of lesser quality, especially when it is on sale, you save a lot.

Look around your house and re-purpose what you already have before buying new. Keep an open mind – it’s amazing how easy it is to transform the look of an old piece of furniture with a little sandpaper and fresh paint. Get crafty! Make your own customized versions of the things you like in the catalog. For example, you can make your own canvas wall hanging sports – themed for about half the price sold at Pottery Barn.

Products pottery barn loft bed Buy only in selling prices. Wait for regular sales, or go to a Pottery Barn outlet for higher discounts. Or, if you do not mind used items, see the online auction sites to buy items Pottery Barn style at a fraction of the retail cost.