Frame a Rustic Bathroom Mirrors with Molding

Rustic bathroom mirrors – When contractors build housing, they often install a plate glass bathroom mirror is flush against the wall. To decorate a mirror, you can buy a mirror frame for it, or you can make one out of the frame molding. The process is simple enough if you have basic carpentry skills. The hardest part is getting mitered corners, so they fit well together. In many cases, you can buy frame molding corners already cut, which makes this project even easier.

Frame a rustic bathroom mirrors with molding, measure the length and width of the mirror. Measure the mirror thickness as well. Selection frame molding, which has a cut off at the back of it.  Cut molding to fit around the mirror. If you bought pre-cut molding. Apply stain to the front and rear sides of the molding with a soft cloth. Let the stain to set a few minutes and then wipe it with a clean cloth. Let the stain cure for at least two weeks before continuing. This helps to eliminate any detrimental reaction with the glue used in the next step.

Frame a rustic bathroom mirrors with molding, mix the epoxy according to the package directions. Apply it to casting, in which it comes into contact with the mirror. Use a craft stick or an old paintbrush. Be careful not to get epoxy on the exposed portion of the mirror. Set the molding in place of the mirror taking care to match the corners. Tape strips of wood in place with painter’s tape. Allow the epoxy to dry completely before you remove the tape.