DIY French Door Curtain Panel

Door curtain panel – French doors are a bit difficult to take screens – if you use the curtain hanging on a bar above, they are always there when you want to come in and out, while the French doors are very simple and reported. -worthy. I had the John Robshaw design panels from Anthropologie left over from our old house, so I decided to cut them for the doors from our main bedroom to the backyard and make a table guide.

Start door curtain panel first, cut your old curtain or fabric. Just measure the length you want your curtain to be and add 1.5 inches on each end (a total of three inches). For the width you want it to be double the width of your window so you get nice aggregation. Now to create your pocket sticks: Fold your curtain edge down to 1/4 inch and iron, then a half inch and iron again. Batteries in place and sewing. Repeat on the bottom of your curtain and any more curtains you want to make.

Now attach your Flat Sash Rod door curtain panel, saving square brackets to the top and bottom of your window. Run the bar through your curtain, starting with the head and hanging. Pull the edge on the shelf to hide it. Prevent any peering room on either side.