Decorating Antique Oak Dresser

Antique oak dresser bring the charm and history of a space unless they have fallen into disrepair. Do not give up on that old relic that is passed down through your family for generations; redecorate your place. Using a variety of techniques, including painting, decoupage or even reuse, you can show that the old dressing room of your home as a piece of updated and functional furniture.

Probably the simplest way to transform an old, a comfortable tired is to paint a new fresh color. Once you have sanded and prepared accordingly, you can create a decorative detail in a color that contrasts with ribbon or other painter’s templates. Consider using this technique to create an imitation incrustation on top of the antique oak dresser. Staining is another method of updating the appearance of an old wooden chest of drawers. Sand back to its natural state and apply several layers of wood stain on the finish of your choice. It may also be that you simply change the hardware in your vintage dresser. Your local home improvement store is likely to have many options to choose from.

It is a simple process to decoupage your favorite fabric or wallpaper remnants directly into your antique oak dresser. You will want to sand, prime and paint the first piece so that you have an attractive background for your decoupage. Once you are ready to apply the pieces of fabric or wallpaper, you can prove that it covers only the fronts of the drawers or the top of the dresser.