Curtain Accessories Ideas

Curtain accessories – The curtain used to function only to close the window. So that the sunlight does not go in excess and the conditions in the house cannot be seen freely from outside. However, along with the current development, this window cover has a dual function. One of them is to beautify and sweeten the decoration of the room. This is because curtains begin to be offered with a variety of beautiful patterns and motifs. In the market now there are many collections of beautiful curtains that are suitable for your living room. Ranging from plain design curtains to rich motifs.

The use of Country Living Room curtains presents a friendly and fresh impression on the living room. Curtains that are dominated by curtain accessories in white patterned flowers are perfectly combined. With the white color of your living room wall. Even better if the living room floor is selected from oak, so it can be a perfect background for floral motifs painted on the curtains.

The curtain accessories Sumptuous Living Room obtained from a combination of different eras. The result you will be spoiled with an eclectic look that is quite rich. The dominance of dark red curtains is a reflection of elegant space design and highlights the combination of some modern-style furniture with a classic atmosphere.