Color Bedroom Carpet Ideas

Bedroom carpet ideas – Taking the decision to color your bedroom rug could end up saving you hundreds of dollars. Replacing a rug can be both expensive and time consuming. While dyeing can also be its part of trouble, choose a color darker than the rug you currently have will remove most of them

Remove all the furniture and accessories from your bedroom floor. Thoroughly clean your carpet before starting to avoid uneven color distribution. Give time to dry before applying dye. Buy a professional looking carpet dye from a floor or hardware builder. Hire a carpet washing machine with nylon brushes that can also be used to color bedroom carpet ideas. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and apply carpet color to a sampled piece of rug. Move the machine in a smooth motion similar to mowing your lawn. When you are satisfied with the color distribution, apply it to your bedroom rug.

Before you begin, decide what your bedroom carpet ideas are made of. Synthetic like polyester and acrylic will not accept color. Dye during the day to better utilize the natural light. Protect the footwear with plastic or tape before you begin. Do not overlap or stay in the same place for long when using the carpet dye. Spraying method Carpet staining is not recommended when using a darker color.