Classy and Ideal Lighted Vanity Mirror

Lighted vanity mirror – Too many women apply their make-up in a cramped bathroom or, worse, in the car. The purpose of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, and it should be used in a designated room. A make-up vanity in your bedroom is an ideal space. Take your time setting it to ensure that you are really happy with it.

Add light to your vanity. If there is enough room on the table, simply use a decorative lamp on each side of the vanity. Otherwise, mount lighted vanity mirror on the wall. Most hardware stores sell light strips that can be mounted on the wall and connected to a power outlet. The standard positions for wall-mounted lights are on the right and left side of the room. If possible use incandescent lamps that simulate sunlight. Avoid fluorescent lamps as these have a greenish-blue hue.

Choose a small decorative container to hold on lighted vanity mirror. This is where you will keep the products you use most often as foundation, mascara, one favorite lipstick and hairbrush. Large other products in the drawers. Organizing these drawers into sections to find specific items easily. Devote some drawer space for disposables, cotton balls, cotton swabs and makeup remover pads.