Building Low Loft Bed

Low loft bed – A favorite cot is a low loft bed. One reason parents have to build a low loft bed is storage space created by its height from the floor. Because some children’s bedrooms does not have enough storage space, a low loft bed perfectly as portable storage fit under the bed. In addition to storage space, loft beds give kids a place to stretch their imagination. Hanging leaves or other material from the mattress on the floor, turning the space under a bed in a tent where children can play.

Instructions Place the two pieces of 2-by-12-by-83-inch lumber on a worktable, on their narrow edges as if they were sideboards for the mattress. Certainly a 2-by-6-by-39-inch piece at each end and between the two side members by 3-inch hex screws. Drill pilot holes with a drill and a 1/3-inch piece and tighten the screws with a socket and ratchet. Set the remaining 39-inch pieces of lumber (slats) between the two installed in step 1. Space them 4 3/16 inches apart and secure them with 3-inch wood screws (drill pilot holes first). This is the mattress unit. Then put the four pieces of 2-by-6-by-37½-inch lumber on the worktable. Mark at 12, 24 and 36 inches and draw a line across using speed square. These are the side members of the ladders that double as head and foot boards low loft bed.